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Videos performances:

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Huron Carol

Huron Carol (large: 195 Mb)

Laudate Dominum

Laudate Dominum (large: 625 Mb)


Practice Material Summer 2017: Rutter Magnificat

Below are music files from:
  • Youtube: mp3s from the performance by the Cambridge Singers conducted by Nico Hoogeboom. I have edited the files a bit to shorten the long silent interval at the start.
  • http://www.choralia.net: Practice files using synthetic voices. For each voice there is a version with the particular voice only (e.g. '...-soprano.mp3') as well as a version with all voices, but the voice of choice emphasized (e.g. '...-sopranoemp.mp3'). In addition there are files with the full SATB choir.

Personally, of the two types of choralia files, I like the emphasized synthetic voices best: the speech is close enough to be able to recognize the words once you get familiar with the text plus you can still hear the other parts of the choir for timing (although better use the Cambridge Singers performance for a more dynamic timing. Note to basses: for the first song (Magnificat) I have added a file ('1a-Rutter_Magnificat-bass2emp_splice.mp3') that includes the slow tenor part that in our performance is sung by the basses.

Note that the archives typically are large.
Click on the links below to download a zip archive. If that does not work right-click and select something like 'save link as'. The zip files also include the previously circulated practice files for the Huron carol.

Rutter Magnificat

John Rutter & Cambridge Singers conducted by Nico Hoogeboom (Youtube)

Choralia MP3 files (synthetic voices):


Note to users of Choralia's website:
"Can I make copies and distribute training aids to my choir or to others?"

Yes, you can. However, you have to inform any person receiving a copy about the Choralia's license conditions and about the Choralia's donation policy:

"Anybody can download Choralia's training aids for free. However, the actual use of
training aids is subject to Choralia's license policy, where a donation of any amount is
supposed to be made by users. In reality, very few users actually donate, however such
a moral duty exists (see Choralia's license policy for details)."

More details can be found at: http://www.choralia.net/contacts.htm