Welcome! My name is Annemieke and I am an experimental astrophysicist.  I currently work at the Leiden Observatory and conduct experiments at the FELIX Facility in Nijmegen and in the Molecular Photonics group in Amsterdam.

My research field is laboratory astrophysics and planetary science. I investigate the spectroscopic and collisional behaviour of gas-phase neutral and ionic molecular systems and their application to observation of astronomical objects. My research takes place in an interdisciplinary and international framework through collaboration with atmospheric and astrophysical modellers and observers and with theoretical quantum physicists and chemists as well as through participation of important network programmes such as the Dutch Astrochemistry Network and the Planetary and Exoplanetary Science programme.

Currently, I am investigating interstellar Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) species and their infrared emission behaviour. Before, I have investigated the electron recombination of small ionic systems found in (hot) planetary atmospheres and in cold molecular clouds, ranging from di-atomic species to small clusters. I am an expert on H3+ and have vast experience in multiple near-infrared to ultraviolet spectroscopic techniques, high-sensitivity and high-resolution spectroscopy, continuous and pulsed lasers, ion traps, ion storage rings (CRYRING and TSR), fast-beam setups, and in (ion) optics, acceleration, RF, cryogenic, and imaging techniques. I am well versed in data acquisition and data analysis of complex experiments and detection, simulations and rudimentary calculation. I have set up, moved, and managed laboratories and have mentored several PhD, master, and undergraduate students.

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Dr. ir. Annemieke Petrignani