Getting Started with the MASCARA Control Software


The Control software of MASCARA is a very sensible piece of code. You do not want to change it without testing it first!!! The safety of the MASCARA station, and eventually the people around it are at stake.

The Control software comes with no guarantee of plug-and-play! It is designed for MASCARA, and only for MASCARA, and to be run on Windows machines. To use at your own risks.

Packages required for installation

Python packages

The Control software requires the following python packages:
  • serial

  • socket

  • telnetlib

  • traceback

  • pyfits

  • mascara, the project specific package, to access the following features:
    • Conversion of datetime objects to Julian Dates;
    • Observing site properties, Local Siderial Time, Sunset and Sunrise.

Windows Drivers/dll

The sensors and other intruments used by MASCARA which are used by the Control software need to be installed beforehand on the Windows machines. The following lists only the dll which have to be present in the same directory as the control software modules.

  • cbw32.dll which comes with the Measurement Computing Data Acquisition Board (
  • artemis.dll which should be installed with the Atik Artemis Capture software