The Electronic Control


The electronic module regroups all the classes and functions which are related to the reading of electronics components. The electronic components used here are:

  • the The Data Acquisition Board, which is connected to
    • the limit-switches
    • the relays
  • the RHsensors

  • the power_supplies

  • the PDUs (Power Distribution Unit)

  • the encoder used to monitor the rotation of the motors

The Data Acquisition Board

MASCARA uses the USB 1208FS mccdaq series. The datasheet relative to this device can be found on the website of mmcdaq. Below a quick diagram of the different types of outputs of the DAQ:

diagram of the output of the data acquisition board.

Diagram of the various outputs of the DAQ.

The DAQ has its own class to acces the functions embedded in the cbw32 dll. See DAQ.DAQ() for a description of the APIs.

Referece APIs

The DAQ class

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