Welcome to my personal webspace. My name is Jens Hoeijmakers and I am a PhD student at Leiden Observatory in the exoplanet group supervised by Ignas Snellen. I specialize in high dispersion spectroscopy of exoplanet atmospheres.

My main research interest is developing observing and data-analysis techniques that will allow the study and characterization of Earth-like exoplanets when larger telescopes like the E-ELT come online. Until this is technically feasible, I am focussing on observations of atmospheres of giant hot exoplanets: Either at an early stage of their formation in young systems, or in close-orbits around their host stars where they are exposed to intense amounts of heat and radiation (hot-Jupiters). Over the course of my PhD I have worked with data from numerous instruments and telescopes: UVES (VLT), HDS (Subaru), HARPS, ESPaDOnS (CFHT), SINFONI (VLT) and others. See the Research page for more details about my current projects.

This is how to find me on ADS, and please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions!

In the future, I intend to use this page to link to interesting/important resources and publish my own graphical resources and possibly code. Stay tuned!