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Daniel Harsono

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at Leiden Observatory. Part of the time, I am working with the ALLEGRO ALMA arcnode. Previously, I was part of the planet formation group working with Kees Dullemond. I completed my doctoral studies at Leiden Observatory working with Prof. Ewine van Dishoeck on disk formation around low-mass stars.

Research Area

I am currently working on the testing of radiative transfer tools for ALLEGRO ALMA arcnode. This primarily focuses on the testing and implementation of user friendly CASA task that includes LIME molecular excitation and radiative transfer tool. Partly, I am also continuing working on the disk formation around low-mass stars by combining observations, radiative transfer modelling and simulations.

Previously, I have worked on on the formation of chondrules. This is related to the formation of our own solar system and the evolution of protoplanetary disks. The main method that will be explored is the formation of chondrules via planetesimals collision. The approach is mainly numerical/theoretical with the inclusion of radiative transfer effects in 1D to 3D. The aim is to compare with the experimental results.

I have also worked on accretion disk formation around low-mass stars. By using theoretical models and observations, I aim to constrain the physical structure of the rotationally supported disks. The structure of the accretion disk has an important effect on star formation process and the final disk structure which is responsible for formation of planets.