Rutger van Haasteren

PhD student in Theoretical Astrophysics Leiden Observatory, Leiden University

office: Huygens 401
tel: +31-(0)71-5278420
group: Theoretical Astrophysics
CV (pdf)

I'm a PhD student at Leiden Observatory, part of the University of Leiden. Supervised by Yuri Levin, my research focuses mainly on Pulsar Timing Arrays (PTAs) and general Bayesian data analysis. Before my PhD research I graduated in Theoretical Physics at Lorentz Institute, University of Leiden.

Though predicted by Einstein about 100 years ago, gravitational-waves still have not been directly detected. Long term precise timing of millisecond pulsars could provide a way of measuring ultra-long period gravitational waves of astrophysical origin. Many pulsar observing projects have been initiated around the globe specifically for this purpose: the so-called Pulsar Timing Arrays (PTAs). My PhD project is centered about the data analysis of these PTAs; more specifically, the development of a Bayesian data analysis algorithm for PTAs.

Modern Sterrenkundig Onderzoek 2009

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