The reduced ISAAC and FORS1 imaging (v3.1) Release 07/06/2005

When using the images or catalogs catalogs, please refer to:
Förster Schreiber et al. 2006, AJ, 131, 1891

Brief description

The data available below include the ISAAC Js, H, Ks and FORS1 U, B, V images of the MS1054-03 field (both non-PSF-matched and PSF-matched sets), the associated weight maps, and the kernels for the PSF-matching. In addition, the WFPC2 V606 and I814 mosaics, weight maps, and kernels are also included (these WFPC2 data are described by van Dokkum et al. 2000, ApJ, 541, 95).
All maps are in FITS format and have been gzip-compressed.
The pixel scale is 0.0996 arcsec/pixel. All images are aligned with each other, and are in counts/s calibrated to a photometric zeropoint ZP = ZP_band(Vega or AB). The weight maps are normalized to a maximum value of 1, except for the ms1054_?_npix.fits, where the values at each pixel are proportional to the total integration time (arbitrarily normalized). The kernels were used to convolve the images to the effective resolution of the U-band image.
Zeropoints and more information on the maps and source catalogue are given in this README file.


   Each uncompressed image is 85 MB in size.

Non PSF-matched

Weight maps

   Each uncompressed weight map is 85 MB in size.


   Each uncompressed kernel is about 10 KB in size.