Catherine Walsh

In the Press


Methanol Detected for the First Time Around Young Star

(in NASA Astrobiology Magazine by Charles Q Choi)

Spring Cleaning in an Infant Star System

(Picture of the Week, ESO press release)

Ritratto di Sistema Planetario in Formazione

(Portrait of Planetary System Formation, INAF press release)


ALMA Spots Possible Formation Site of Icy Giant Planet

(ALMA/NAOJ press release)

Scientists Discover Building Blocks of Life Around Forming Planets

(in Voice of America by JoEllen McBride)

First Detection of Methyl Alcohol in a Planet-forming Disc

(ALMA/ESO press release)


Rosetta-Komeet Ademt Zuurstof Uit

(Rosetta Comet Breathes Out Oxygen, in de Volkskrant by Govert Schilling)


A Star's Early Chemistry Shapes Life-Friendly Atmospheres

(in NASA Astrobiology Magazine by Elizabeth Howell)