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Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems in Star Clusters

Modeling of multi-scale astrophysics in action.

About Me

Computational astrophysicist, postdoctoral research associate, scientific computing developer at Leiden Observatory.
Maxwell X. CAI

Maxwell Xu CAI


Leiden Observatory

I am currently a postdoc research associate. My research focuses on the dynamical evolution of planetary systems in star clusters. This is a set of research projects dedicated to bring forward better understanding of the origin of the Solar System and many other exoplanetary systems and their fates. Numerical simulations are heavily employed as the main research approach, given that most systems of interest exhibit chaotic behaviors. In order to complete large grids of simulations within a timely manner, I am leveraging the potentials of latest high performance computing technologies, including Thrust/CUDA, OpenMP and MPI. As a response of the massive data produced in these simulations, I also develop data storage schemes for astrophysical N-body simulations.