Matteo Brogi


I am a last year PhD student at Leiden Observatory (Sterrewacht Leiden), where I study exoplanets in the group led by Prof. Ignas Snellen.
My research interests are mainly focused on determining the composition and structure of exoplanet atmospheres by means of a wide range of observational techniques. This allows us to shed light on the processes of planet formation, migration, and evolution, and eventually on planet habitability and the detectability of biosignatures.
I am specialized in ground-based, high-resolution spectroscopy. In addition, I am utilizing differential photometry and low-resolution spectrophotometry. Finally, I have experience in analyzing data from the Kepler satellite and modeling light curves of small rocky planets in close-in orbits, which may disintegrate under the strong irradiation of the parent star.

Navigating through this website you can learn much more about my research project, publications, and interests. Feel free to contact me for any additional information, and thanks for visiting!

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